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We are an affiliate of The Sisu Advantage, a nonprofit education organization that provides data-informed insights and strategies for addressing various issues facing individuals, families, organizations, or societies.

Financing a retirement is one such issue.  It was a lurking issue for many before the pandemic, and now most families have more reasons to worry about it.

Whether you rely on professional help or act independently, it is your retirement, and you need to both take ownership of its planning and monitor its execution.  We have engaged in the theory and practice of retirement planning extensively, and believe there are at least four underlying building blocks to successfully planning and running your own retirement:

The Retirement Finance Institute was created to help you develop that skillset, and to guide you in applying these skills to achieve your retirement goals.  Finance textbooks focus on accumulating wealth, yet retirement is as much about strategic decumulation of wealth in the face of the ultimate uncertainty, longevity -- how long funding must last for you and your loved ones.

We have the interest, knowledge and expertise to help you along the way.

A brief overview of our relevant academic and professional experiences.

A Sports Analogy: Building Your Retirement Team
Examples from professional sports to help understand retirement finance.

Events: Workshops and Seminars
Links to education events we have offered, with one video and many slides.

Blog: The Retirement Platter
Our perspectives on more technical topics and tools relating to retirement.

Resources: Motives, Methods & Means
Links to relevant academic centers, reports and journals, data and software.

Featured Expertise
Affiliate marketing of select products and services we use and find useful.

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