Welcome to Retirement Finance

We are one of three initiatives offered by The Sisu Advantage, a nonprofit education organization that provides data-informed insights and strategies addressing select issues likely to be exacerbated post-coronavirus.

Financing a retirement is one such issue.  It already was a major concern to many before the pandemic, and many now face additional obstacles, including changes in family health, employment, and investment portfolios. The retirement planning process already was fraught with uncertainty, and execution of a plan now must incorporate the flexibility to adjust to potential   curveballs beyond those that inevitably accompany the aging process.  Our mission is to help individuals and families coalesce around a realistic set of retirement goals, anticipate and calibrate likely alternative future opportunities and impediments to reaching their goals, estimate the financial resources necessary to satisfy those goals, and assess current and future sources of retirement funding from their labor, their entitlements, and their current investments.  We offer resources to support your journey.

A brief overview of our relevant academic and professional experiences.

A Sports Analogy: Building Your Retirement Team
Examples from professional sports to help understand retirement finance.

Events: Workshops and Seminars
Links to education events we have offered, with one video and many slides.

Blog: The Retirement Platter
Our perspectives on more technical topics and tools relating to retirement.

Resources: Motives, Methods & Means
Links to relevant academic centers, reports and journals, data and software.

Featured Expertise
Affiliate marketing of select products and services we use and find useful.

--- Jerry Platt, Ph.D.. ---
Executive Director, The Retirement Finance Institute
Emeritus Professor of Finance, San Francisco State University