Welcome to Retirement Finance

Life is full of insecurities.  For some the source is health-related, perhaps for others it results from social injustices, but for all of us it seems to be embedded in our quest for fulfillment and happiness.

While we may occasionally address other insecurities, the primary focus of The Sisu Retirement Finance Institute is on personal and family planning for an eventual break from dependence upon work to meet financial needs or wants.

The “Greatest Generation” was rewarded with defined benefit plans from their (often sole) employer, followed by Social Security payments from a well-funded government program.

The “Baby Boom Generation” is entering retirement far more likely to be dependent upon defined contribution plans and a Social Security system that is drawing down its trust fund.  Both the “Great Recession” of 2008 and the pandemic of 2020 have greatly contributed to depletion of funds, lowered expectations, and increased insecurity -- especially for todays’ younger generations.

Our goal is to reduce financial insecurity.