Who We Are

  • The Retirement Finance Institute is a unit within The Sisu Advantage (www.thinksisu.org)  
  • The Sisu Advantage is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization (ID:81-2415611).  Our vision is a world that is increasingly data-informed, whether applied to personal choices, organizational strategy, or public policy.
  • Jerry Platt, Ph.D., is retired b-school dean and emeritus professor of finance at SFSU
  • Jason Platt, CFP, is financial advisor and VP of wealth management at Citizens Securities

What We Do

  • The Institute is dedicated to helping individuals and families “own their retirement”
  • As owner, you are responsible for retirement assessments, choices, and monitoring
  • We offer resources for those intent on “outsourcing” portions or all that responsibility
  • We belief our greater value is offering guidance and tools for “Do-It-Yourself” plans 

When We Started

  • Jerry became interested in retirement finance at age 29, his first year at SFSU.  He shared an office with an 80-something tenured professor who taught the subject -- and the cot on which he took naps between classes.  Desperate to leverage tenure and keep his salary,  students be damned.  Jerry committed then to a life of “rewirement” after life in academe. 
  • Jason was forced to deal with retirement and his own “rewirement”, also at age 29, when injuries prematurely ended his career as a professional hockey player.  He chose finance.

Where We Excel

  • Jerry holds a doctorate from Ohio State with a focus on public finance, and a post- doctorate in statistical computing from Stanford.  He retired in 2018 from USC, where he taught machine learning.  He also held a management position at a Fortune 500 firm. 
  • Jason holds an MBA in finance and has 10+ years experience, mostly at Merrill Lynch.
  • Together, we offer a data-informed, pragmatic approach to financing your retirement.

Why You Might Care

  • You may have had several restarts in the workforce; there are no do-overs in retirement.
  • Most financial advisors specialize in accumulation of assets; retirement is decumulation.
  • Retirement advisors often are expensive, even while applying a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Strategic steps to succesful retirement need not be mysterious; you can learn how to do it.
  • Our membership program provides guidance and tools to empower you to “Do-It-Yourself”.

How You Can Benefit

  • Use the extensive material we provide to become an informed party to your own retirement.
  • Better still, enroll in our “D.I.Y.” membership program to plan and truly own your retirement.