Our Events

Two-hour Workshops (delivered Live and/or Remotely)

Family Finance Workshops

  1. Family Life Cycles, Finances and Goals
  2. Cognitive Biases              
  3. Build, Automate and Visualize Your Budget    
  4. Credit Scoring
  5. Dealing with Debt
  6. Expect the Unexpected
  7. Student Loans            
  8. Social Security and Medicare

Retirement Finance Workshops

  1. Transitioning from Accumulation to Decumulation
  2. Retirement Mindsets and Behaviors
  3. Funding Retirement with Unknown Longevity
  4. Present Values, Floors and Upsides 
  5. Bonds, Ladders and TIPS
  6. Retirement Product Classes
  7. Target Date Funding
  8. On Returns and Risks

Special Topic Workshops

  1. Finance Amidst a Pandemic (also as Video)
  2. Refocus on Your Expense Report
  3. Social Security Calculations
  4. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  5. Interpreting Financial Reports
  6. Calibrating Subjective Beliefs
  7. Consumer Price Indices and COLAs
  8. Finance Risks in Post-Covid Decade     

— NEW Webinars or Workshops (OPEN to all, by arrangement)